Ku Coverage

ERZIA gives you the power to easily take on tasks once reserved for terrestrial communications. Specially designed from the ground up for the maritime industry, and based on the latest iDirect release, we have made sure it meets the exact needs required at sea, providing you with remarkably high-quality voice and data services. And because we understand how essential at-sea communications are, great detail has been taken to ensure the highest of availabilities. Wherever. And whenever.


Airtime Features Plug & Play Plug & Play: We give you the Ethernet port, and you plug in your LAN equipment. Easy as that. From then on you’re connected and good to go. And if you lack a LAN solution, check out ours down below in the add-ons section!
Airtime Features Multiple Beams Multiple Beams: Our Ku-Band network will keep you connected over the Atlantic, Mediterranean, Northern seas and Middle East. Our different beams, ranging from 55.5W to 21.5E, will help you avoid losing connectivity due to the so-known blockage caused by the vessel’s own infrastructure. With iDirect’s ABS (Automatic Beam Switching), our system will take the lead and switch to one of our multiple beam’s when blockage is detected, or when you get out of the coverage area.
Airtime Features Guaranteed Bandwidth Guaranteed Bandwidth: What is the CIR-MIR combination all about? It means that we guarantee you will always surf above the CIR rate, no matter how many other vessels are in your network, or how congested it might be. And on a great percentage of time, your speed will burst up to the MIR rate, boosting your onboard connectivity.
*CIR = Commited Information Rate
*MIR = Maximum Information Rate
Airtime Features Unlimited Data Unlimited Data: Unlike other satellite communication plans, you’ll get unlimited data for a fixed monthly price, always knowing what you’re getting and how much you’re paying. So relax, forget about those unexpected over the top bills, and make the most of your connectivity onboard. Having doubts on your bandwidth requirements? Not sure on what data rate to pick? Our engineers will help you analysing the CIR-MIR combination that best suits you.
Airtime Features Separate Data

Separate and Prioritize Data Bundles: Interested in keeping Corporate traffic separated from Crew traffic for better financial management? Interested in speeding up the connection for your mission-critical operations? Our features traffic prioritization and differentiation, allowing this and more, for a better end user experience.


Airtime Features VOIP VoIP: With our services, VoIP will no longer be in bad terms with VSAT connectivity. By adding Quality Of Service rules to prioritize voice traffic, we will provide you with land-like phone calls, at land-like prices. And now, you can also distribute VoIP access to your crew through the use of vouchers. Give them away as bonus, or get benefit by selling them onboard. It’s up to you!
Airtime Features Multiple Beams Own teleport infrastructure: With our connectivity platform, we take full end-to-end responsibility: from the teleport to the equipment onboard your ship. Our state-of-the-art teleport facilities located in Santander are fully manned 24/7 by the Network Operations Centre (NOC) and Operations Team, all of them Engineers with IT/Telecommunications degrees. This not only gives us total control of the service, but lets us continuously monitor and perform changes quickly on the network. To provide you with a truly seamless experience that stands apart.
NOC Support NOC Support: Our Network Operations Centre (NOC) is located in our teleport facilities in Santander. From there, we fully manage and monitor the entire network on a 24/7 basis. These highly technically skilled engineers are communications experts with the ability to understand your needs and develop solutions to meet them. And having bilingual speakers ensures that you will be able to speak to them either in English or Spanish.
Airtime Features Flexibility Flexibility: Along with the seasons, vessels move to their preferred destinations. During other periods, the vessels are on yard and no VSAT is required. Our services gives you the flexibility you’re looking for: either in coverage or bandwidth terms, we don’t want you to be paying for a service you’re not using. That is why are contracts are as flexible as one month.


Flexibility add ons

Need more? Choose your custom solutions.


Now more than ever, stay connected 24/7 on every one of your wireless devices. We can create as many Wi-Fi networks as you need (even one exclusively for WhatsApp!)


Distribute our VoIP and data vouchers onboard: either give them away as bonus for keeping up the good work, or make profit by selling them! It’s entirely up to you.


Put your own cybersecurity first. Implement firewall rules to protect your system from external threats, or to block certain websites and apps onboard.


We can give you an automated and efficient solution to manage multiple WAN links. Plug in your backup system, such as Fleetbroadband or our 3G/4G solution, and enjoy seamless connectivity!


Interested in boosting  your connectivity, even with the smallest amount of CIR/MIR? Our acceleration system comes to your rescue.


When your core business is at sea, make sure to get your traffic back to shore in a private and reliable way through our VPN solution.


Take our VoIP features one step further with this private telephone network system. Custom ring groups? Extensions? Queues? Digital receptionists? Name it and you’ll have it.

3G/4G Connectivity

Take advantage of 3G/4G higher speeds and lower latency when nearby the coast or docked at port. Now featuring international SIM cards!

Equipment On Board


The Above Deck Equipment consists of the maritime VSAT antenna. Our approved and recommended antenna manufacturers include SeaTel, Sailor, KNS and Intellian. Our preferred antenna size is 1m diameter or higher, still, if you have a smaller antenna let us know, and our engineers will assess the best solution for you.


The Below Deck Equipment includes the basics to get your Internet connection up and running: the satellite modem, the ACU (Antenna Control Unit), the VoIP phone, the monitoring laptop and a managed switch to interconnect them all.

Modem Controller

ModemController is our own desktop application, designed to interact with the modem in an easy and intuitive way. No more logging in into a computer terminal and typing in commands like the old days… You’ll see for yourself how switching from one beam to the next has never been so easy! Our suite of proprietary applications are developed entirely for your benefit. One thing is for sure: we’ll never stop trying to perfect your user experience with our VSAT system.