With our connectivity platform, we take end-to-end responsibility of our airtime solution: from the teleport side all the way to the equipment onboard your ship.

We count with our own teleport facilities in Spain, central site on the provisioning of the service, from which we land and distribute all the vessels’ traffic. The NOC (Network Operations Centre), formed by a team of bilingual Telecommunications Engineers, is located on the same teleport facilities, and are there to provide specialized assistance (in English or Spanish) and monitor the performance of the network real-time on a 24/7 basis.

The iDirect HUB is also located at the teleport. What does this mean exactly? For us it means having direct and absolute control to monitor and adapt the network anytime, 24/7. No third parties involved. For you, it means minimized response time, having technical experts by your side from minute one.

Erzia Santander Teleport

Experience the ease of working with one provider for all your satellite communications and onboard content needs. Get global connectivity at the highest speeds with award-winning antenna hardware.


17 antennas up to 15 meters in C, Ku and X band. Accessing satellites in GEO orbit from 65ºW to 60ºE.


Independent and geographically diverse fiber entries to the building, with presence of multiple carriers on-net.


NOC & Operations Engineering teams available 24/7, ensuring the service always runs at the highest standards.